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Tennis ball target

The original Active Phonics game. Throwing balls at letters and sounds (laminated) on the wall – perfect for individual or group sessions


  1. Put pupils in alphabetical order. Ideally, use alphabet arch to reinforce learning/knowledge.
  2. Set out markers at increasing distances from the sports hall wall.
  3. Say the sound you wish to focus to the first pupil. Ask them to locate the sound, point at it and then throw the ball at it. E.g. ‘I would like you to throw the ball at the oi sound.’ If successful, allocate a point.
  4. Using only 1 tennis ball, repeat for the rest of the pupils.


  • Tennis ball or alternative
  • Sounds /words (laminated) stuck to wall Download
  • Cones/markers

Top tip(s): This is a great game for overlearning a particular letter or sound. You as teacher have complete control over which sounds a pupil will learn/identify. Use only 1 tennis ball to ensure pupils are focused. Ask more confident students to identify the sound in a particular word.