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A great game with a group of younger pupils; works very well with 5 or 6 sounds. Very popular and relatively easy to manage.


  1. Set out 5 or 6 hoops with a sound inside. If possible, put the sound on a book stand to make them easier to read.
  2. Set out a line of markers and ask pupils to stand behind the line. Give each pupil a boccia ball.
  3. Starting at one end and with one pupil, say one of the sounds/letters. Ask the pupil to find the letter with their eyes, point at the letter and then roll their boccia ball into that sound.
  4. Continue down the line so that each pupil has a turn.
  5. Ask one pupil to collect all of the boccia balls.


  • Boccia balls
  • Hoops
  • Cones/ markers
  • Sounds /words (on A4 card) Download
  • Book stands (optional)

Top tip(s): To ‘maintain order, ask one pupil to collect the balls at the end of each round. Consider giving more confident students a word with that sound, rather than the sound, e.g ‘Roll the ball into the hoop that contains the sound in boat’ (oa).