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Basketball Phonics (2)

A popular game with older pupils: fast pace with repetition, ideal for learning letters/sounds/high frequency words.


  1. Put pupils in alphabetical order. Ideally, use alphabet arch to reinforce learning/knowledge.
  2. Set out 5 hoops that increase in distance away from the hoop. Place a sound/letter/word on either side of the hoop.
  3. Ask pupils to line up at hoop 1. Ask pupil to name the letter/sound/word on their left/right/ or both: if correct, pupil to take a shot. If the shot is successful, the pupil moves to base 2.
  4. Repeat process for other pupils until a suitable end point.


  • Basketball
  • Basketball net
  • Hoops
  • Sounds /words (on A4 card) Download

Top tip(s): Ensure pupils are listening by telling them their question may relate to another pupil’s sound/answer. Differentiate by asking less confident pupils to initially repeat the sound, or let them know what their next question or sound will be (removing opportunity to fail). Ask more confident pupils to sound out or spell a word using the sound.