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Basket Ball Phonics

A permanent display in the sports hall. Used to pupil pupils in alphabetical order and as a reference point during games.


  1. Put pupils in alphabetical order. Ideally, use alphabet arch to reinforce learning/knowledge.
  2. Set out several bases in a diagonal line as shown in the diagram (better for queuing) . Ask pupils to line up at base point 1.
  3. Show pupil a sound/letter/word from phase you wish to focus on. Ask them to identify it: if correct, pupil to take a shot. If the shot is successful, the pupil moves to base Two.
  4. Repeat process for other pupils until a suitable end point.
  5. OPTIONAL: Add a reading or writing base that pupils can go to between throws


  • Basketball
  • basketball net
  • Hoops/ mats
  • Sounds /words (on A4 card) Download

Top tip(s): Ensure pupils are listening by telling them their question may relate to another pupil’s sound/answer. Differentiate by asking less confident pupils to initially repeat the sound. Ask more confident pupils to sound out or spell a word using the sound. Alternative: put sounds on floor next to hoop.