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Alphabet arch

A permanent display in the sports hall. Used to pupil pupils in alphabetical order and as a reference point during games.


  1. Set out alphabet (upper and lowercase) as shown in the picture. The use of blue and red letters is recommended by the British Dyslexia Association
  2. Most games will require pupils to be in order. Ask pupils to go and stand by the relevant letter based on your instruction. For example, “Go and stand by the first letter of y our first name”
  3. Regularly use different instructions, alternatives include: first letter of surname, first letter of street name.


  • Alphabet arch
  • Each letter on an A4 card Download
  • Vowels in red
  • Consonants in blue

Top tip(s): Whilst at the arch, ask the pupils why five letters are in blue, clarify why we use vowels. This arch is regularly used in PE lessons as well as Active Phonics sessions. The arch can also be used as a visual aid when reciting the alphabet, or when looking at letter names rather than sounds.