What People are Saying

10/10. Very useful course, gave me lots of ideas on how to deliver phonics

10/10. Very informative, set out why and how we should implement it. Great demonstrations and easy explanations to understand

10/10. Lots of new ideas to use during phonics interventions that the children will enjoy

10/10. All activities were new, exciting and included resources that we already have in school. I found it really informed and found David very enthusiastic. Couldn’t get any better – excellent delivery

10/10. Thoroughly enjoyed it! Learning can be so much fun. Great ideas that can be taken and put into action. A great morning

10/10 Great ideas to enforce at school for children who struggle in the classroom setting. Not a selling course – most resources are already in school. Definitely a positive session. Can’t wait to get started!

10/10. Very enjoyable and interesting. Got me thinking of how I can use this

10/10. Great ideas to take back to school. Useful techniques and resource ideas.

10/10. A different approach to teaching the children who have reviewed the same phonics input several times and have still not got it.

10/10 Active, interesting and lots of practical ideas to take back and use in school. One of the best training sessions I’ve been on in a very long time

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Check back soon for further training details, we are just making some exciting changes to our offer, any further details please email david@activephonics.co.uk.

Our Story

Active Phonics is a highly engaging multi-sensory fusion of phonics and Physical Education. Developed in an outstanding EBD special school as a means to address the needs of our most reluctant of readers.

Active Phonics allows systematic synthetic phonics to be taught in a fun and engaging way – a simple concept that addresses many of the educational, social and emotional needs of our pupils.

The Active Phonics programme has been highly successful in engaging the most reluctant of readers and improving the literacy grades of pupils taking part.

Active Phonics was one of the winners of the Let Teacher’s Shine 2013 competition to find innovative projects to raise attainment among disadvantaged students.